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An expanding range of excellent technical aerosols including contact cleaner, degreaser, chain lube, foaming cleaner, mould release, open grease lube, penetrating oil, white grease and zinc spray. All made in the UK. Developed specifically to be the very best formulation and give the user the best performance, these sprays will rival the performance of the likes of Rocol, Ambersil, W

Penetrating Oil

Penetrating Oil

Any mechanical device containing fixings such as nuts and bolts can be prone to the effects of rust and grime and these corrosive substances can cause seizures which often result in time-consuming costly repairs and part replacements. Protechnic Penetrating Oil is a fast-acting penetrating oil that ensures smooth running machinery and the prevention of further corrosion. Protechnic Penetrating Oil breaks down rust and removes grease, dust, dirt and sludge. It is an essential tool for garages and workshops, suitable for use on gauges, instruments, locks, and power tools and can aid
maintenance of plumbing and pipework. Protechnic Penetrating Oil is silicone-free and is safe to use on paintwork.

Huile Pénétrante Aceite Penetrante

Óleo Penetrante زيت الاختراق

Foaming Cleaner

Foaming Glass Cleaner Spray

Protechnic Foaming Cleaner for all glass and smooth surfaces. High-performing active cleaning foam. Highly active, molecular cleaning agents are released to directly remove the dirt. Outstanding dirt dissolving power.
Dissolves insects, bird droppings, road traffic film, rubber residue, grease, silicone and nicotine from glass surfaces, mirrors and paintwork around the home, vehicles and workplace.
Nettoyant Moussant
Limpiador en Espuma
Espuma de Limpeza
منظف رغوي

Open Gear Lube

Open Gear Grease

Protechnic Open Gear Lube is based on premium grade mineral oil incorporating solid lubricants, extreme pressure additives, and a blend of antioxidants and corrosion inhibitors, combining to provide highly effective lubrication with excellent corrosion protection. Protechnic Open Gear Lube has been specially developed for the lubrication of all types and sizes of open gears.
Lubrifiant pour Engrenages Nus
Lubricante de Engranajes Abiertos
Lubrificante para Engrenagens Abertas
زيت تشحيم التروس المفتوحة

Cleaner Degreaser

Degreaser Cleaner Spray

Highly active special cleaning agent with intensive cleaning effect for oily and greasy machine parts, disc brakes and brake parts, such as brake plates and clutch linings. Protechnic Cleaner Degreaser is acetone-free.
Nettoyant Dégraissant
Limpiador Desengrasante
زيت تنظيف وإزالة الشحوم


Zinc Galvanizing Spray

Protechnic Zinc is an effective and fast way to touch up galvanised structures. This zinc galvanise is a zinc-rich paint that provides a combination of rapid drying time, superior coverage, opacity, and protection against corrosion. It is an accurate colour match for newly galvanised steel and is ideal for protecting welding joints and cut ends.
Spray de Zinco